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Our mission is to assist operators of Douglas Twinjet Fleets in fuel conservation in daily operations. The savings offer the opportunity to extend the economic life of these aircraft, in particular the MD-80, where the structural cycles have not yet reached the fleet average half life.

Our goals are to offer quick returns in airline investments with overnight installations of Drag Reduction Kits designed to reduce fuel burn by more than 3.5% in the first phase of the Super98 Program. Follow on kits, offered after completion of design and certification, will further reduce fuel burn by an additional 4% or more.

Super98 has been licensed by the Boeing company, giving us the opportunity to assist you and at the same time help the environment.  Design and flight testing of our Phase I Drag Reduction Kit is now complete, awaiting FAA approval of Super98's STC. Our product has now been validated by thorough and rigorous flight testing with the delivery of hardware in the 3rd quarter of 2011. Our product provides a proven benefit and will be delivered within three months of receipt of order.

I invite you to meet our staff who can brief you on technical details and the economic benefit based on your operational profile

Robert hesselgesser M.D.
Robert Hesselgesser M.D.

       Robert Hesselgesser M.D.
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