Leadership Team

Robert Hesselgesser M.D., President and COO
A well seasoned manager and successful business man,
Dr. Robert Hesselgesser's education includes a BS in Chemistry from USC and medical degrees in Radiation Oncology. Having started three thriving and significant firms pioneering new methods in cancer treatment, Dr. Hesselgesser is now pursuing interests in aviation, developing a growing company to extend MD-Twinjet Life Cycles.
     Robert Hesselgesser M.D.

James R. Hesselgesser, Sr. V.P. and General Manager
In the new position as Sr. V.P. and General Manager, James brings a strong fiscal background to the Super 98 Team. James previously served as the Director of Finance for a development firm in Southern California. His strengths lie in financial forecasting, modeling, and strategic management. He holds a Bachelors of Accountancy from the University of San Diego and an MBA in Economics from Loyola University Chicago.

     Bengt-Olov Nas, V.P. Sales, European Theatre

Bill Rickard, V.P., Engineering
Bill has 40 years experience in aviation at Douglas Aircraft, Boeing, Eclipse Aviation, Cornell Labs and consulting. He has led airplane design, development and modification organizations at the director/program level. He also led a number of very successful performance improvement programs on airplanes including the MD-11 and EA-500.
     Bill Rickard, V.P.
Rolf D. Sellge, V.P. Sales and Marketing
Rolf Sellge continues his 35-year aviation career at Douglas, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing with Super98. He has held various positions in liaison and electrical engineering including Director Twinjet Customer Engineering, Director Twinjet Derivative Development, Director 717 Program Integration and Product Marketing.
     Rolf D. Sellge, V.P. Sales and Marketing
Terrence E. McGaughan, V.P. Sales, Americas
Industry experience includes more than 40 years at TWA, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing. He supported successful sales initiatives at FedEx, Alaska Air, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Midwest, Qantas and others. During his tenure at Boeing, Terry also implemented the Boeing "Trading Floor" business process and conceptualized the first-of-its-kind "nose-to-tail" support package for the 717.
     Terrence E. McGaughan, V.P. Sales, Americas
Bengt-Olov Naes, V.P. Sales, European Theatre
In his 29 years of experience at SAS including Director of Fleet Development, Mr. Nˆ§s' duties included product definition, evaluation and acquisition of 10 transport aircraft types for the SAS fleet. He has also been engaged over 20 years in ICAO/CAEP work defining emissions, Stage 4 Noise and other standards for aviation
     Bengt-Olov Nas, V.P. Sales, European Theatre
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