Benefits Overview

Because of the MD-Twinjet's reputation for quick turns, excellent reliability and long life airframe, they are still the aircraft of choice among its operators. With Super98 efficiency improvements, the Twinjets, despite rising fuel costs, will remain aircraft that contribute to bottom line profits for the next decade and beyond.


MD-Twinjets airframe @ midlife and extendable

Remaining economic life > 15 years

Stage 4 kits available for MD-80


Ownership cost is low

Competitive maintenance cost

Competitive reliability


Fuel burn can be managed with MD-80 Drag Reduction Kits

A Better than 3.5% reduction fuel burn achieved with Phase I Package

Notable green house gas reduction

Super98 Drag Reduction Kits increase your Twinjets' Residual Value - Opinion Letter from AVITAS, a major aircraft valuation firm.





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