Product Overview

Super98 has been working since 2008 to develop innovations that will help operate your Twinjet fleet more efficiently. Our highly experienced team, working under Boeing license agreements, is now offering MD-Twinjet fleet modifications that will assist you with your longer term fleet and asset planning.

Super98 is introducing an MD-80 bottom-line-enhancing, Phase I Package available in 2011 to lower operating costs by reducing aircraft drag. A follow on Phase II Package, consisting of further drag reduction along with a potential for weight reduction, will provide a significant second step to further increase the economic life of the MD-80. The Phase II package will be available in two parts, first in 2012 and second in 2013.

Drag Reduction for the DC-9 will be available 6 months after receipt of order. Drag Reduction Packages for the MD-90 and the 717 are targeted for 2013.

Product Overview Super98

MD-80 Brochure

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(updated 4th Qtr, 2012)

Super98 Brochure



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