MD-80 Phase I Configuration

In the first quarter of 2011 Super98 successfully completed the Phase I flight test program, validating a fuel burn reduction of more than 3.5%.

The configuration reduces parasitic drag in the areas around the nose, fuselage, wing, main landing gear, rudder, and elevator of the airframe.


  • Flap Hinge Fairings
  • Aileron Modifications
  • Elevator Modifications
  • Wing-body sealing
  • Low Drag Slats
  • Low Drag Spoilers
  • Wing trailing edge Improvements
  • Flap Modifications
  • Center Windshield Modifications
  • Rudder Modifications
  • Main Landing Gear Doors Modifications
  • Re-faired tail skid
  • Horizontal Stabilizer Modifications

Flight testing for the Phase I package was completed in 1st Qtr 2011.

Phase I Package Installation Information

Modifications are planned as coherent sets

  • Reduces span time and labor hours
  • Super98 provides installation information as well as instructions for continued airworthiness
  • Parts will be shipped as three sub-kits to optimize overnight installation


  • Subkit 1 – Assorted Covers and Fairings
  • Subkit 2 – Low Drag Slat and Spoiler Assemblies
  • Subkit 3 – Fairing and Skids
  • Super98 arranges for parts to be on the operator's mod site and manages parts flow for operator convenience.

    A rotable pool is established for slat and spoilers in Subkit 2


    Super98 provides rotable pool to support customer schedule
    Parts are modified in Super98 shop and sent to modification site

    Super98 supervises each First Article installation

    Airworthiness certification is achieved via Boeing Service Bulletin or Super98 STC



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